Module-V: Prevalence, Presentation, Assessment, & Management (Part-II)

1) Mood Disorders

2) Psychosis

3) Substance Use Disorder

Learning Objectives

Mood Disorders

  1. Identify knowledge of depression and bipolar disorder to ASD youth.
  2. Identify ASD youth at highest risk for impairment using CBCL scores.
  3. Explain levels of emotional impairment with impairment in ASD.


  1. Discuss prevalence of psychosis and psychotic symptoms in ASD.
  2. List factors predicting increased risk of psychotic symptoms and psychotic conversion in ASD.
  3. Describe the differential diagnosis of psychotic symptoms presenting in the context of ASD.

Substance Use Disorder

  1. Identify rates of substance use in those presenting with autism.
  2. Describe risks for substance use in those with autism.
  3. Identify treatment options for those with substance use and autism.
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Module-V: Prevalence, Presentation, Assessment, & Management (Part-II) [Q&A with Janet Wozniak, GJ]

  1. MOOD DISORDERS – Janet Wozniak, MD
  2. PSYCHOSIS – Atilla T. Ceranoglu, MD*
  3. Substance Use Disorder (James W. McKowen, PhD
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