The Interface Between Physical & Mental Health (Cohort 2)

This course will provide an overview of the interface between the mental health and physical health of children and adolescents. The course will include a series of 8 pre-recorded lectures in this area. It will cover the impact of serious and chronic medical conditions on the psychological health and development of children, including how children of various developmental levels respond to and cope with illness. It will help participants identify maladaptive responses to illness, including depression and post-traumatic stress, that may require further evaluation and treatment by a mental health provider. It will also cover emotional and behavioral problems that may interfere with treatment, including treatment non-adherence, anxiety related to medical intervention, and treatment-interfering behaviors. There will be a discussion of the ways in which psychological distress can manifest as physical symptoms in the pediatric population. Finally, there will be discussion of how to best support the well-being of children and families who are faced with pediatric medical illness.

Q&A with Faculty

Zoom link for all Q&A sessions:

Q&A DatesTime (KSA)Faculty

May 1, 2023

7:00-8:00PMEric Hazen, PhD

May 8, 2023

7:00-8:00PMEric Hazen, PhD 

May 15, 2023

7:00-8:00PMEric Hazen, PhD

May 22, 2023

7:00-8:00PMEric Hazen, PhD

June 5, 2023

7:00-9:00PM (Virtual Workshop)

Eric Hazen, PhD 


Final Exam

The Interface Between Physical & Mental Health final exam will be on:

The exam date is scheduled for May 30, 2023 (7:00-9:00PM KSA)

This course is pass/fail. You must score 50% or greater on the final exam to pass.

Target Audience

This program is intended for professionals from different disciplines related to child mental health. This includes physicians, psychologists, social workers, licensed mental health counselors and nurses.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe developmentally appropriate responses to illness in children of different developmental levels
  • Identify signs of maladaptive coping or mental illness that would require further evaluation and management by a specialist
  • Identify risk factors and symptoms of psychosomatic illness in children
  • Discuss medical conditions that are commonly associated with emotional and psychological distress in children and adolescents
  • Identify ways in which children with developmental delays may have difficulty in receiving medical care
  • Utilize strategies to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other forms of developmental delay in interfacing with the healthcare system
  • Describe strategies for supporting the healthy coping of children and families confronted with pediatric illness
Course summary
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The Interface Between Physical & Mental Health

العلاقة بين الصحة الجسدية والنفسية

April 24, 2023 -June 5, 2023

Eric Hazen, MD


Introduction: The Interface Between Physical and Mental Health

مقدمة في العلاقة بين الصحة الجسدية والنفسية

Common Emotional and Psychological Problems in Medically Ill Children

المشاكل العاطفية والنفسية الشائعة لدى الأطفال المصابين بأمراض عضوية

Stress, Trauma, and Medical Care

التوتر، الصدمات، والرعاية الصحية

Approaches to Supporting Children with Medical Illness

أساليب دعم الأطفال المصابين بأمراض عضوية

Psychosomatic Disorders

الاضطرابات السيكوسوماتية

Psychosocial Considerations in Specific Medical Conditions

الاعتبارات النفسية والاجتماعية في حالات مرضية محددة

Developmental Disorders and Medical Illness

الاضطرابات النمائية والحالات المرضية

Altered Mental Status and Summary/Conclusions

التغيرات في الحالة النفسية / الملخص والاستنتاجات

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