Interventions in Child Mental Health (Cohort 2)

This course will review the theoretical basis and practical applications of evidence-based psychotherapies for children and adolescents.  It will focus on well-established therapeutic skills for children with mild-to-moderate mental health needs and their families. The course will review case conceptualization and the application of cognitive-behavioral skills including relaxation and mindfulness skills to reduce physiologic arousal, cognitive strategies to address unhelpful thought processes and enhance coping and resilience, and behavioral skills to reduce maladaptive avoidance, increase engagement in pleasant and meaningful activities, and enhance positive parenting practices. 

The presenter will review strategies to enhance child and family engagement and address common challenges when conducing therapy with youth.  The course will incorporate online and in-person didactic training with role plays to illustrate key concepts, and regular group supervision calls to discuss cases and facilitate application of therapy skills in a culturally informed manner.

An array of reading resources, videos and experiential approaches are used to enhance the learning experience. Virtual discussion follows each lecture during the same week. Each virtual discussion enhances the knowledge and skill acquisition with the exchange of cultural definitions, cultural assessment of family values, codes of conduct, rules and expectations to formulate intervention strategies.

Q&A with Faculty

Zoom link for all Q&A sessions 10/2/2023-11/20/2023 with Dr. Henin:

Q&A Dates Faculty

October 2nd

5:00 PM

Giuseppe Raviola, MD

6:00 PM

Aude Henin, PhD
October 9th5:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD
6:00 PMAude Henin, PhD
October 16th5:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD
6:00 PM

Aude Henin, PhD  

October 23rd5:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD
6:00 PMAude Henin, PhD
October 30th5:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD
6:00 PMAude Henin, PhD

November 6th

6:00 PM

Giuseppe Raviola, MD
7:00 PMAude Henin, PhD  

November 13th

6:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD

7:00 PM

Aude Henin, PhD

November 20th

6:00 PMGiuseppe Raviola, MD

7:00 PM

Aude Henin, PhD


Final Exam Schedule:

  • November 27, 2023: 6:00-8:00PM KSA: Interventions in Child Mental Health

Learning Objectives

After this module participants should be able to:

  • Design an individualized intervention plan based on conceptualization of the presenting case
  • Use relaxation and mindfulness-based techniques to address symptoms of stress in youth
  • Use cognitive-behavioral techniques to address anxiety conditions in youth
  • Use cognitive-behavioral techniques to address symptoms of depression in youth
  • Discuss how to incorporate parents and families into sessions, as appropriate
  • Describe common challenges in therapy and how to adapt treatment accordingly
Course summary
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Interventions in Child Mental Health 1

التدخلات في مجال الصحة النفسية للأطفال 1

October 2, 2023 - November 20, 2023

Aude Henin, PhD


Introduction to Child Intervention Techniques - October 2nd 6:00PM KSA

مقدمة في تقنيات التدخل المبكر للأطفال

Techniques to Reduce Physiologic Symptoms of Stress - October 9th 6:00PM KSA

تقنيات للحد من الاعراض الفسيولوجية للتوتر

Cognitive Restructuring Techniques - October 16th 6:00PM KSA

تقنيات إعادة الهيكلة المعرفية

Behavioral Techniques to Reduce Anxiety-Based Avoidance - October 23rd 6:00PM KSA

الأساليب السلوكية للحد من الانسحاب الناتج من القلق

CBT Techniques to Address Mood Problems - October 30th 6:00PM KSA

تقنيات العلاج المعرفي السلوكي لمعالجة اضطرابات المزاج

Encouraging Healthy and Effective Behaviors - November 6th 6:00PM KSA

تشجيع السلوكيات الصحية والفعالة

Incorporating Families into Intervention - November 13th 6:00PM KSA

ادماج الاسر في التدخل المبكر

Developmental Adaptions/Special Populations - November 20th 6:00PM KSA

التكيف النمائي والفئات الخاصة

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