Wellness and Resiliency in Children and their Communities

Developing knowledge of wellness and resilience are critical for behavioral health and human services providers who work with children, families and the community. The knowledge and skills-based acquisition are useful in all practice settings across mental health, primary care, school, social work and child-welfare.

The goal of the lectures is to strengthen families by promoting wellness and healthy parenting so that children are safe, nurtured and supported in reaching their full potential in the community where they live. The four interactive online lectures provide an overview of the science of brain and child development, understanding and coping with acute and chronic stress. The lectures also provide practice-based evidence to promote individual, family wellness and community resilience that is culturally relevant to the socio-cultural-historical context in Saudi.

An array of reading resources, videos and experiential approaches are used to enhance the learning experience. Virtual discussion follows each lecture during the same week. Each virtual discussion enhances the knowledge and skill acquisition with the exchange of cultural definitions, cultural assessment of family values, codes of conduct, rules and expectations to formulate intervention strategies.

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Wellness and Resiliency in Children and their Communities

Healthy Childhood Development
Edward Wang, MD

Coping and Growing with Stress
Edward Wang, MD

Building Resilience
Edward Wang, MD

Why Children Behave the Way they Behave
Edward Wang, MD

Harnessing the Power of Family Meals to benefit Children & Parents
Anne Fishel, PhD

The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health
Anne Fishel, PhD

Childhood in the Age of Digital Media
Gene Beresin, MD

Childhood in the Age of Digital Media Conversation
Gene Beresin, MD & Lamis Alsolaim, PhD

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